Our Process

We use a process we call 4D – which stands for Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver. This helps set a foundation to help both the client and the designer focus on one unified vision throughout all phases of a project. The result: a kitchen, bath or other space that achieves not only the right funcitionality, but also the correct aesthetics.

Discover sets the foundation of the entire project. Before work begins, we learn about a project’s history, limitations and your expectations to help set achievable results. We start by listening to your goals, reviewing the space and establishing general timeframes and estimates.

Design. We design 3-dimensional layout for you to review. Based on your feedback, we make adjustments and go over products and materials compatible with your lifestyle, taste and budget.

Develop. Here, the concept and design become reality. We do the research, execute detailed plans, and collaborate with our resources, to finalize the design that best represents the objectives established in the Discover and Design stages.

Deliver. We coordinate with all parties involved to ensure successful delivery. Whether we're serving as the lead design firm, or collaborating with other building firms and contractors, we are commited to exceptional service backed by quality and attention to detail.