The Gallery at Spogue

EPI 20th Century European Art

The gallery at Spogue has an amazing collection of more than 150 20th-century European works from the art markets in Paris and contemporary artists from Europe. The collection includes paintings and prints from artists featured in museums around the world such as Catherine Poirie, Bernard Lorjou, Jean Vinay, Gen Paul and many more.

Best of Philly - Secret Art Gallery
Abstract watercolor
Abstract watercolor by Halvey
Flag of France
The Celebration
The Hunters
Berries by Richard Gervais
Lady in Red
Abstract oil on canvas
Abstract Oil on Canvas
Nautical scene
Fruit still life by Juliette Chopin
Cubist seascape
Ship Yard
Tavern scene
French Rooftops
French houses
Abstract Figures
Abstract Still Life
Abstract Still Life
Abstract Elements
Woman in cafe
Cafe scene
Warm faces
Violet figure in cafe
Social Gathering in warm and cool
Warm Cafe Scene
Standing Figures
People gardening
Egyptian Marketplace
People in Cafe
Montmartre abstract
Abstract Landscape
Still Life with bottle and wine glas
Abstract floral still life
Red and Green Abstract
Abstract Figures
Harlequin with Flower
Harbor scene
Zizi Jeanmarie
Yvette Chauvire
Cubist still life
Abstract print by Maurice Estève
Abstract print by Joan Miró
Abstract in reds and bules
Man in a Field
Bike Rider and Bird
Flowers on Table
Three Men at a Table
Floral Still Life
Old Houses of Flavigny
Along the Seine
Still Life
Canal of Normandy
Abstract in blue and tan
Scene in Monmartre
Female figure by Jacques Nestlé
Political cartoon - Man with Holes
Marrakesh Tribal Leader
Seated Girl
Woman with Hat
Cabaret Scene
European Landscape
Art Deco Portrait
Abstract with Faces
Abstract portrait of a man
Abstract portrait with red hat
Abstract portrait of man looking up
Lithograph by Adam Lude Döring
Portrait of a Woman
Marrakech Alley in the Heat
Thinking Woman
Bridge over the water
Still life with pitcher
The Musicians
Family breakfast
School in Morocco
African warrior
Woman with mandolin
Woman with basket
James Joyce Sardine Men
The Sun
Fish Eye
The Seine
Art Nouveau Lamps
Art Nouveau Lamps